Remotes cannot connect to core after electricity meter swap - previously working fine for over 6 years

Roon Core Machine

sonicTransporter i5

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Unifi. Wired core, mixture of wired and wireless remotes and end points. No VPN.

Connected Audio Devices

Multiple but mostly Devialet Phantoms via RAAT

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

​Hi all, Have a sonicTransporter i5 which has been working flawlessly as a Roon core for 6-or-so years. Last week I came home and my remotes wouldn’t connect, turned out the electricity utility had been in and swapped out my meter so the sT had lost power and needed to be powered on again manually.

Pressed the button and it appeared to start up fine but still none of my remotes can connect. I can restart the sT and the Roon app from sonicOrbiter but no joy. The CPU monitor shows no activity at all on any core so as far as I can see the Roon app is not running.

No network changes, in fact no changes at all apart from the electricity meter. Any ideas?

Do you run network over power-line adapters?

paging @agillis for you here.
You might have to uninstall the Roon server on the ST and then reinstall, I think that is a solution I have seen posted before but probably best to wait for input from Andrew.

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Reinstalling Roon will fix almost any problem with Roon on any platform. But that will also delete your Roon database.

Reach out to Small Green Computer support. They may be able to give you some other options.

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But if they have a recent backup that could then be loaded afterwards yes?

No, proper wired ethernet over Cat 6 cabling.

Thank you @agillis. I posted on the SGC support forum yesterday but despite a few views nobody has commented it yet. Is that the correct avenue?

How do I see when my last backup is from? My library is fairly static so even if old it shouldn’t be a problem.

try clicking contact us on the small green computer web site. that will get you fact support.

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In Roon settings - > backups you can see when you have them scheduled for.
And in settings → backups → find backups you can see when Roon thinks you did your backups.

Thanks Peter, but to see settings you need to be able to connect to your core, right? What I meant was, is there any way I can examine the file system in the sT to see when my last backup was from?

Ah right. If you know where the backups are writing to you could check the dates on the files there to see what is most recent.

Solved by SGC support. I had missed a step in the 2.0 upgrade instructions and although 2.0 had previously been working fine this only manifested itself following the temporary power outage.

Please note, when it says " Make sure no checkboxes are selected and press Save Changes" it means “press Save Changes” - even if the boxes were not checked and there were no changes to save!!

So, user error in this case. Huge thanks and full marks to @agillis and Small Green Computer support.

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Good you got it working! To anybody else reading this check out the FAQ. There are fixes for all common Roon and non Roon problems you can experience with the sonicTransporter.

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