Remove current song from playlist

Dear “rooners”
I can’t find what I’m looking for and hope for help:
I start shuffle-playing a playlist and notice that I don’t like this current playing song. So I want to jump to this song in my playlist.
The only way I find is jumping to the playlist, scrolling through the list and try to find this song.
Is there a short way to find the current playing song in my playlist(s)
My Remote is a win 10 pc
Thanks for saving time :grin:

You can remove a track from the queue readily, but not the playlist.

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The way I do this is going via the album link, there you see all the playlist under the song, and then manually remove it from these lists.

Smart playlists functions in Roon are pretty limited imho, seems to be not a focus. Sadly.

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Thank You both for the answers.
For me it looks like you wrote: roon is not so focused on playlists.
But I can see the playlists when I go to album view and then select a album. But when I use the album link in the just playing view are there no playlists listed.
Is it different in Your system?

In Roon, when you play a playlist, you are adding it to the queue.

You are not playing the playlist itself, but a copy of the tracks in it.

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Hello Danny,
thanks for Your reply.
You are right:
I send the tracks from the playlist to the queue.
When the track is running i want to find the playlist contains this track so I can jump to the track in the list.

Do You have an idea how to solve this?

would settings -> general -> album page -> show playlist links help?

then it should be easy to click on the now playing cover and get the link from that page


i thought so - but it doesn’t work when I’m in the queue and jump from there to the album.
I can see the list when I come from album-view but not from just playing list - I can’t find there any links :frowning:
I’m grateful for Your tips.

Sorry, I didn’t understand that.

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Ok, if you see the lists under the songs in the album view, your settings are all good.

Now, when you go to your queue, and go to the particular song, click the three white horizontal dots to the right and choose “Go to (album)”. Clicking that link brings you to the album/song/playlist listing. From there you can go to the playlist where you can remove the song.

Does that work?

If not, please provide two screenshots of these album views, one with and one without the links. This would be a bug that Roon wants to understand.

additionally, you can usually click on the album cover if that’s visible.


Yes, that works, saves two clicks and is way more elegant :+1:

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Danny and Philipp thanks so much for Your replies! I feel a little bit stupid and blind…
My Problem was the mix local File and Tidal.
In the playlist was the tidal version instead of my local version. And tidal albums don’t show the playlist containing the song (?)
So I can’t find the playlists of songs from tidal - most of my playlists are tidal songs.
The jump to the playlist from local files works.
If the link would jump to the song in the playlist not at the beginning that would be great. If it would work for songs from tidal it would be much greater :slight_smile:
thanks a lot for helping me!


Thanks again for your replies but does somebody know a way jumping to the current playing track in the (roon) playlist I started playing when the track comes from tidal?
I’ve tried to tag all tracks in the playlists but it seems that it doesn’t work with tidal tracks.
I had a lot of playlists in my former audioplayer and importer them with a tool to tidal and copied them in roon playlists so I am able to edit the lists. But the tool imported some songs in wrong versions. So I need a lot of time finding and replacing them.
I’m grateful for any tip!