Remove duplicate Audio Endpoints ..?

Hello … I seem to have duplicate Endpoints in Audio section and its causing me grief…

I searched the forum no luck on how to remove them … I can just disable only … love to remove …

Any help would be appreciated
thanks !

How did you do that?
I have been searching for ways to have duplicate endpoints!
That way I could have DSP room correction active when using speakers, and not when using headphones!

But seriously, that is not aRoon feature today, so one wonders how it happened.
You might test if they are really separate: set up DSP for one and see if it appears on the other. That will show you if it’s just a UI quirk, or a real structural bug.
Or maybe it’s a new feature!

Hello Anders … I think it happened when I added a static IP to my Hegel streamer … ?

But for sure 2 of the 3 are invalid … as I cant stream to the device without disabling the other 2 … odd…

reboot roon core and nodes…dupes happen when your network reboots