Remove/Move multiple selections from queue

While still in my trial period for Roon, one feature that seems to be missing is the ability to select multiple tracks in the queue, and either remove them or move them to another spot in the queue.

Right now, it seems that such actions must be done one track at a time.

Last night, some fumbling fingers caused a number of unwanted songs to land in the queue. It was a bit of a pain to remove them one-by-one, and clearing the queue would have dropped many songs that I still wanted to hear.


I can select them all then remove in one go. Is that not what you mean?

Or you want the selection process to be slicker, like in Explorer/Finder?

Hi Rob,

Right Click (or long tap) on a track you wish to remove from the queue, this will select it.
Then click on the other tracks you wish to remove to select them.
Then click on the remove button.

If the tracks to be removed are all in one block, select the first track in the block, then shift and click the last track in the block. This will then select all the tracks in the block.

Hope that helps.

@Carl @Ludwig

Okay, it works as Carl outlined. I don’t know why that vexed me last night… perhaps that second glass of wine?

Guess we don’t need a feature request then. Thanks for the replies!

This is great to remove tracks but what if I want to move them later in the queue?
I can select multiple tracks but when I try to move them up or down the queue only the one I am moving using the 3 lines icon on the right moves, while the other stay where they are


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