Remove or skin the windows title bar

Here’s a good comparison. What tidal has done is removed the windows title bar and created their own. Roon has it’s own title/top bar but also the windows one above it. It’s quite ugly.

Spotify Example:

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This is a DIY hack for Windows that does what you want:

You know that you can do this by hitting F11?


Full-screen mode has zero relation to what I’m describing, I even provided examples of other applications in non-fullscreen. I’m not interested in having the player in full-screen.

Yes, please!

In Linux yes, I have to Google any Windows info …

Seems a little harsh. It gets rid of the title bar that’s aesthetically disturbing…

I think he wants to get rid of the Title Bar in Roon but keep the Taskbar in Windows.

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If so, he could simply position the Roon window on the screen such that the Title bar is offscreen at the top. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m guessing your response was half tongue in cheek, 'cause that process is a royal pain :grimacing:

Is there any news about the topic nowadays? :slight_smile: