Remove tracks per disc limit

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I have a Bandcamp album which has a single disc with over 300 tracks in it, with more periodically being added ( Basically, as the composer sells it as a complete works album, and includes new content as it’s created.

However, Roon only recognizes the first 180 tracks of the album, as it’s packaged as a single “disc”. From reading other threads, it sounds like this is an arbitrary internal limit in Roon, so could it please be removed in a future version?


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Tracks on a disk relates primarily to CD’s which have a finite amount of space…180 is already pretty generous. Perhaps it is unrealistic to expect unlimited as a track limit so what is fair? Sounds like your composer needs to get thinking about this as I’m sure most library software will have issues with this kind of of never ending track limit.

Perhaps moving to a box set type of index might be more widely supported.

Just my humble opinion

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It should be fixed but in the meantime this is quickly solvable by dividing into multiple discs (which can be quite arbitrary) using music file editing software.

It is a problem as ‘complete works’ albums on Qobuz and Tidal suffer from this limitation eg complete works of Berlioz.
Whilst this a rare occurrence, it does exist and can not be solved by splitting the album (being controlled by the streaming service).
I hope that this will be fixed at some point in the future.