Remove tune from playlist

When listening to a playlist tune, I’d like an option to remove that tune from the playlist.

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That option already exists. Select the tune then click Remove at top right.

Thank you for the feedback. Not sure I can find that where I was hoping it would be.
Below screenshot is from Roon on my iPhone of where I had in mind seeing this option to Remove from the currently playing playlist.

You need to do it from the Queue, not now playing. Your image looks like you want to do it on your phone. Press and hold on the song until the Play Now choice comes up on the top bar. If you open the hamburger icon just to the right of that you will find the option to remove the song.

That just removes the song from the queue, no?

The use-case is that I no longer like a tune in my playlist and as it plays I decide I want it out of my playlist.

I know that I can remove tunes from my playlist, but I can’t do right where and when I most want to.

I believe my feature request remains as I stated it.

Sorry, I misunderstood. If you do the same press and hold in the playlist itself, the hamburger button choice changes to Remove From Playlist.

I would have to find the tune in the playlist to remove it as a separate exercise.

Why not improve usability by having that remove feature available as the tune is playing just like the features to add the tune to another playlist or library?

At the same time an option to move the tune to another playlist could also make sense and imo perhaps even more than duplicating it to another playlist.

Hope I haven’t just misunderstood or overlooked something?

Yes, I put out the same feature request. If you have a large playlist it’s difficut to find the track to remove it unless you reorder it, which some don’t want to do because their playlists in a particular order. Plus, you have to go through many screens and clicks then it should be two clicks from the now playing or queue screen.

Just wondering what is the process when posting a Feature Request here? Will it be reviewed by Roon and either rejected or planned into some future release and is there any notification when a Feature Request posted here has been reviewed?