Removing the classical tab from those albums that belong to another genre doesn’t work

Can someone help?... I’m having a problem with tabs... clicking on Classical in Genre brings up nearly all my library, even though I’ve removed the (ubiquitous Roon) classical tab from those albums that clearly belong to another genre (early music, baroque, romantic, modern etc)... ie removing this tab doesn’t seem to do anything!.... see screenshot of an example.... is Roon aware of this problem?.... Many thanks in anticipation – G

I am not a genre expert but I believe baroque as far as roon is concerned is a sub category of classical to it will always be there implicitly.

Keyboard too btw.

Thanks for the suggestions but I wonder if I could have a response from Roon please?… You should be able to click on Classical in Genre and get to see all of the albums that have been tagged as classical by the user… otherwise it makes a nonsense of user-set tags

This is just your expectation and not how the software is designed to work with hierarchically organized (nested) genres. As described in the documentation:

You are free to change (edit) the genre hierarchy to your liking - but you have to do it. Open the genre browser and navigate to the genre you wish to edit. Use the 3-dots menu and choose the edit option (pencil) there. For short, you have to edit all sub-genres of Classical (make them a top-level genre) so Classical no longer has sub-genres – likewise with sub-(sub-)genres of the sub-genres that you moved out of Classical if you wish to.

Another option might be to use your own genres (My Classical, My Keyboard, …) that are not prearranged in a hierarchical structure. But for that you would have to change all your files (file tags) and it would obviously also not work for non-file-based content from streaming services (Tidal or Qobuz) which you had to manually edit after import.
EDIT: Changing the genre mapping table to map all the predefined genres to your own ones might do the trick without changing your files and even for streaming content.

Feel free to wait for an official reply but I doubt that such a reply will change anything regarding the work you have to do if you want to achieve your goal.

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FYI, Baroque is not a Roon genre.

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The “genre” that you think of as “Classical” is what roon thinks of as the composition “period” of approximately 1750 to 1820.

So there is a certain amount of ambiguity here. The category “Classical” is being used by roon as a genre of music that encompasses all periods including medieval, renaissance, baroque, classical, romantic, post-romantic, modern etc. This collective, broad stroke interpretation of the term “Classical” has been taken from and is applied to your library as a “genre” by roon at an album level.

Roon also uses the category of “Classical” to mean compositions (not albums) in the period 1750 to 1820. But you have to go to a completely different composition screen (rather than the album screen) to see your library categorized in this way.

If you click on “Compositions” on the main menu on the left hand side you will come to a screen like this:

There you can filter on all those compositions in your library that roon categorizes as coming from the Classical “period”.

Unfortunately this “period” data from roons metadata suppliers is extremely patchy with lots of gaps and miss-categorizations that you will not necessarily agree with. If you are sufficiently motivated (I am certainly not) then you can go through all your compositions and edit the periods to how you would like to see them:

As you have found, roon’s treatment of genres, styles, moods, instrumentation, periods etc. is not particularly discriminatory or systematic so there have been several feature requests over the years to address this but it has never had a high priority.

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Many thanks for all the helpful suggestions but I would like Roon Labs to treat my query as a complaint to investigate and provide me with a formal reply

If Roon is working as intended (which it appears to be) then you will need to open a “Feature Suggestion” thread. What you’re asking for is a change in tagging architecture. Not a problem to ask for this but I don’t think you’ll receive a “formal reply”, other than a restatement of how things work at present.

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Thanks again but as I said before, as a paid subscriber to this product, I would like Roon Labs to treat my query as a complaint and I look forward to receiving a formal reply from them… I do not agree that it is working, intended or not…

You got a Roon response 22 days ago. You need to enter this as a Feature Suggestion.

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It’s working exactly as it’s designed to work. Just because it’s not working the way that you want it to work, doesn’t mean that it isn’t working. If you don’t like the way that any product is working you have the same 3 choices that we all have:

  1. Put up with it
  2. Ask for it be changed
  3. Cease using the product

I’m not quite sure what the difference between a formal and an informal response is, but @joel has already responded on this thread. I suspect that you won’t get much more, other than a restatement of how tagging works (which you’ve already had at post 5 on this thread).

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Hello @Gavin_Miller,

Roon is behaving as expected here. If you’d like to submit this as a Feature Request or Recommendation you may do that here.

There’s no support issue to attend to here. Thanks!

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