Removing Tidal Collections [Collections]


I just created a Roon account today. I pointed the library to my NAS music library folder and it imported and to my Tidal account and it imported.

From the home page, if I click the link that says 525 Artists, I am taken to the list of artists. But… There are a lot of artists that I do not recognize - not in my music folder, not tagged as a favorite artist or album or song in Tidal. For example, Abba, A Tribe Called Quest, AC/DC are among the first 8 that appear - but none are music that I have files for, or have liked in Tidal.

So what up? I assume there is some setting that I checked on import? Or maybe it is because these artists are on a Tidal Playlist? I am good to delete the library and start over if that is the fix.


Hi Tim,

During setup Roon will ask if you want it to add genre collections from Tidal to your library. Genres based on your local library are selected by default and will be added unless unselected (this has been the subject of feedback to the devs; I had hoped it might have changed by now).

I added collections from Tidal, how do remove that content?

Thanks AndyBob.

I played around a bit with deleting and decided to just delete the Roon library from Finder and start over. Importing just from Tidal and unchecking the categories still imports them. I tried closing the “no thanks” item as well as the add albums to my library.

Also, if I select and artist, or album and then click the edit menu, delete (and other choices are greyed-out.

Help! :slight_smile: Thanks for any tips…

Did you remove the Roon database completely? Or just the application?

The easiest way to get rid of the albums is to focus on the tag, and just delete the albums – that will remove them from your TIDAL library and from Roon. Unfortunately, the tag data is stored in the database so if you trashed that the albums are still going to be in your Tidal library, but the albums won’t be tagged in Roon anymore :frowning:

Are you seeing anything in the Tags dropdown at the top of the Album browser?

Do you remember which Collections you added during the initial setup? If so, you should be able to retag the albums by adding the collection again from the Collections tab of Roon’s TIDAL screen. Then you can remove the albums by following the instructions at the link @andybob posted above.

I deleted the entire Roon folder from my users/timpadilla/library path

I then reopened Roon and started over. I left the categories unchecked and it still imported them.

I searched for “roon” via finder and I do not see a DB anywhere else, so I think I deleted it.

All else fails, I get what you said above about retagging.


Yeah, had to go back a few times and remember what I checked - but Mike’s tip worked. Painful lesson :slightly_smiling:


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Could you please make a funktion to stop populating my library with the Tidal essentials. I delete the unwanted albums in my collection, but new albums appear all the time. This os something you should be more clear on during installation, and someting one should be able to change/remove in settings!!


There is no function that keeps on adding new Tidal Essentials / Collections to the Roon library beyond the initial setup stage if that option was selected. However there is a function that Roon will add Tidal favorited album/tracks.

Next time is happens, could you double check that these unwanted albums are not marked as favorites in Tidal.
Posting some screen shots of examples would help as well.

PS Did you follow this guide to remove them? I added collections from Tidal, how do remove that content?

I am having the same problem and it’s really annoying.
Is there a solution to avoid this?
In my collection I just want to see the tracks present in my music library, not Tidal!

Hi @doraymon,

Just wondering if you saw my, just above yours?

Carl, actually I didn’t, sorry.
Does that mean that if I want to avoid Roon placing albums in my library I have to deselect them from my Tidal favourites??
There is no way to just tell Roon to only show my actual music folder and that’s it?
It seems a bit intricate…

Roon syncs your Tidal favourites and pulls them into the library. This in the mechanism that Roon adopted and can’t be circumvented.

So your Tidal favourites will always show up in your Roon library. For most people this is fine as are their favourites.

However, you can use focus to exclude Tidal albums.

Focus --> Inspector --> Format --> Tidal.
Then tap again to switch the filter from include to exclude.

Focus --> Inspector --> Format --> Tidal
Then tap again to switch the filter from include to exclude

Works but if I have Tidal favorites, I’d like to see them.

On the other hand Mary Bilge, Kayne West, and the rest of these corporate wonders are of no interest to me. They are not my favorites. How can I delete them? I have tried following other directions on the site, but none of those seem to work. -

Roon seems like a great idea, but now I remember why I haven’t used my membership since last year and am about to let it lapse for good.

Roon imports favourites from Tidal. Either you or another user on your account appear to have favourited those artists/albums in Tidal. You need to unfavourite them in Tidal to prevent them reappearing in Roon.

No way. I HATE Beyoncé, Jaz-Z, and all this other garbage that Tidal recommends. I am the only subscriber in my house who even knows Tidal exists. I like Tidal’s lossless music, but I won’t listen to any of the stuff thy want to shove down my throat. Now I set the focus to exclude all Tidal music and it’s still giving me Mary J. Bilge. I don’t want to hear her, I don’t care about her. Make her go away forever.

@support really needs to deal with this.

Why can’t we ban entire genres from Tidal? If I banned rap and pop, it’d go a long way to making me happy.

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Since a few days I’ve started a 14 day trail of Roon. I also signed up for a tidal trail to see how the 2 work together.
NowI must be missing something here, but after setup my artists and albums are littered with trash. I mean,
2Pac, backstreet boys etc etc. Nothing even remotely resembling artist that i have on my NAS (mostly metal/ prog rock)

I used a totally new, never used tidal account, and answered no thanks when asked for tidal import.

This way Roon is not workable for me. Am i missing somethig or am i forced do stop using roon because of this?

Hi @Ernst_Meijer,

There is no function that automatically adds Tidal Essentials / Collections to the Roon library beyond the initial setup stage and that’s only if that option was selected.

However, there is a function in Roon that will add Tidal favorited album/tracks.

Is it possible that some else might have do it using you account?

I recommend following this guide to remove them I added collections from Tidal, how do remove that content?.

Hi Carl,

Thx for the response. I’ve just posted a support request about a couple of issues I am having. This is one of them.
It seems to me there is a automatic addition going on.

There is no ‘someone else’ the tidal account is only created to test together with Roon. No one in this household even knows about Tidal. We use Spotify

I’ve tested this a couple of times and everytime i got the same result.

This is my library without a tidal connection:

Once i add Tidal:

This is what is happening:cry:

In Tidal I have no favorite artist and no genres checked

And there are NO tags

I can’t document my problem any more detailed than i have, I hope it is helpfull


Ernst Meijer


That’s interesting… I see you’re looking at at the artist browser.

Would it be possible to do a similar test but using the album browser?

The other thing to try is:
Logout from Tidal.
Goto settings–> library
And the select clean up library.
Do it list any album to remove?
The execute a clean up.

Hi Carl,

I logout, cleaned the library ( i showed my 5000+ songs from a previous install…) and logged back in again,
the whole lot of tidal albums are still showing up.

But i do remember something. The very very first time I installed Roon I did select some genres in Tidal, not knowing what it would do, my guess was it was used for suggestions:)
Could it be that, eventough I uninstalled Roon alot of times, this setting is stored somewhere in your backend database?
Feels a bit like that, since reinstalling does not affect it what so ever.