Removing Tidal in Roon completely [solved]

I was too curious when I signed up for a Tidal trial some months ago. In the meantime I decided I don’t want to continue any Tidal subscription and cancelled my account there. Still, however, Tidal albums show up in searches and when I click on Tidal in the left-hand drop down menu. Note that I have never added any Tidal album to my library.

Please help me to completely get rid of Tidal showing up anything in my Roon window.

Have you removed Tidal from from Hamburger > Settings > Services in Roon?

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Does TIDAL take any money from your bank account?
If not so shouldn’t I complain!
I’m sure that you find some of all the music TIDAL have, that you like to listen to, or?

Love & Respect

Thanks, great, that was it. Sorry for not knowing all pathways in the Roon menu.

They didn’t take money, but only cluttered the window. …and I coldn’t play any music because my account was over and out.

Okay, I forgot to ask if you could play any song’s!
Have you got it away from Roon, yet?

It’s gone now, thanks.

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