Reorder multiple tracks at once in playlists/queue

+1 from me as well!

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  • 1 from me. Considering buying this but this is a bit annoying. I guess I’ll nuke the playlist and start over, but sheesh.
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Any update on this?

  • 1 as well. I mean, holy friggin’ cow, how is it possible that this feature isn’t long since present? It makes playlist and queue management unbearably painful. Such studied contempt for one’s user base over this many years is impressive, but not favorably so.

+1 :blush: Rearranging added albums in the queue is a pain now.

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This is pretty bad. Especially for music lovers lists are a key feature. How can I make a Top 50 Album Chart and rearrange them?

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Wao. 8 years…
Seems like an impossibility outside the reach humanity.

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Also can’t believe this hasn’t been prioritized, especially as part of the large 2.0 release awhile back now.