Repeat Song Icon Should be a Button

Please just make this button functional:


As someone who often toggles song repeating to different settings it’s really frustrating looking at a repeat icon that’s not functional and then having to open the Queue to toggle repeat.


+1, same for the shuffle icon
And best would be, that any play action that destructs the previews queue resets shuffle and repeat to off.
I don’t know how often I started to play an album and discover shuffle is on, so go to queue, stop shuffle, go back to album and start playing again.

+1. My one-month-old baby loves this one Nick Cave song, and it lulls him to sleep, and as soon as it’s over, it either goes silent, or goes to some random song that ends up waking him up. I guess I could just make a playlist and add this song to it a million times, but I’d really rather just have a repeat button.