Replace album without labeling it as "new Album"

I have been fixing some corrupt albums lately and have been replacing old albums of lousy quality with better quality rips (back in the days storage was expensive).
The problem is that with every edit these albums show up as being “New” albums in Roon.
Since I’m using the sorting option “sort by date added” very often as the quickest way to get to my latest added music I would like the old album not to show up here since they are not “new” they are just replaced versions of what was already there. For other sorting reasons I would like to see the original “date added” tagged on these albums.


Yes, I would like to see this as well. Its consequences filters through into several other scenarios.

An alarming number of my favorite albums in Qobuz are now “unavailable”. There seems to be a complicated story there. Maybe its licencing, maybe its something else, maybe it will be solved, maybe not. However, if I replace one of those unavailable albums with a ripped physical copy I loose play counts, date added etc. I worry that filters through to the roon radio picks and the roon recommendations I get. I don’t know.

In any case, I would also like a “replace” option that preserved meta data, edits, date added, play counts etc.

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Yes, a “replace” option would be nice. Specially since Tidal is adding a whole bunch of MQA versions of albums for example it would be nice to be able to replace the flac versions without having to start all over again on that album, in other words preserve the date added, play count, any users edits etc. More importantly, quite often albums seem to disappear from Tidal without having disappeared, they just changed the header so it isn’t being recognised anymore. Searching for the album and adding it again to my library makes it show up as new, but to me it isn’t new at all, it is just fixed.

But in my case, I’m just fixing some old MP3 albums I almost never listen to anymore but just want to keep but I don’t want them to show up when sorting by “new” albums

In this scenario I copy/paste the new files into the existing album folder (that’s how my music is organized) thereby replacing the files. Roon Core detects the new files and scans them but if I remember correctly this doesn’t flag them as new.
If Roon core should not detect the files as having changed a manual rescan can be initiated in the respective dialog which corrects this