Replace lossy files with Qobuz

The press release for Roon 1.6 says “replace your lossy content with lossless versions from Qobuz”

I am interested in this and have tried the following.
go the the lossy local album, see versions from Qobuz. select the Qobuz lossless version and say add to library.

I would expect that to now be displayed as a version of the original local lossy album, but that is not happening, the Qobuz album is displayed as a separate entity.
Am I doing something wrong?

I’m new to Roon, but yes they both snow, but if you set the Qobuz version as Primary I think that’s the one that plays?

That’s expected behaviour. You have added a second version of the same album to your library, so they both show up as versions in your library. If you delete the lossy album, then the Qobuz lossless album will have fully replaced the lossy content. However, if you want to keep it around, then, as Tim says, just make the Qobuz album the primary version.

Sometimes, you will find that the Qobuz version has a slightly different title to the album in your library. If you add it into your library, Roon will add it as a new album entry, and not as a second version of the original album. You can edit the title so that Roon will match them up in the library.

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That is the expected behavior, but that is not what is happening for me.
I am playing Shine by Estelle - in mp3 format from my library.
Roon shows Qobuz as having 3 versions (all seem to be the same! - It would be great to have more info to be able to make the correct decision)
Anyway, If I choose one of the QB versions by clicking “add to library” it shows as a completely separate album in Roon, where I would expect to have 2 versions of the same album, so I can make the QB one primary.


Are you sure they are the same as the current library entry? In all the cases where I’ve seen Roon create a new entry in my library, rather than add a version, there has been a difference, usually in the title or the album artist. And usually the multiple Qobuz versions are different resolutions, or remasters.

In the example you’ve just posted, I would check the album credits; I think there must be a subtle difference in there somewhere.

I am sure that’s the problem, but it does show as one of 3 “versions” from the original album… the “version” link to QB needs some work, or I need some education!

Just looking at the 3 versions of Shine in Qobuz now. They are all CD quality, but one I notice has 12 tracks, the other two have 13. Two have R&B as the genre, the other has Pop. The track content is different as well across the three albums.