Replacing a Fan on an Intel NUC (R.O.C.K.)

Can anyone recommend an online source where I could find the part number for a replacement fan on specific models of NUCs?

Check this one:

or these ones:

I was also looking to replace the fan on my NUC 6i7 which fail in less than a year. It wouldn’t stop spinning even when in idle. Then I red plenty of reports about failing fans on NUCs and went for the ultimate solution installing the NUC in an Akasa Plato fan-less case.

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Maybe a fan-less case is a better way to go.

I’m uninformed about the different generations and which will fit into which after-market cases.

My NUC (running R.O.C.K.) is a NUC5i5MYHE.

Can anyone tell me which generation this is and which case would work?

Your NUC is a 5th generation one.
There are several fan-less cases for 5th generation NUCs on this link:
Likely they are hard to find by now, but this one may fit I think:

This one is a better deal:
Also in Amazon: