Replacing albums feature please

So now we have a playlist improver in EA that can replace tracks in a playlist if they are unavailable with ones that are. This is good for those switching services and can now likely maintain playlists.

I have to ask @jamie why this replace feature cannot be rolled out to help replace albums that Qobuz has a a habit of making unavailable when they change version but Roon then orphans them as unavailable and does not replace them. This is a bugbear of Roons streaming integration that’s always been a thing since Qobuz was added. Surely something can be done if it can be done in a playlist?


And pretty please allow me to copy my metadata edits from the unavailable version to the identified new one. (Yes, there is a feature request :wink: but it would be a shame to have an album replace feature without this, so I had to mention)


@Simon_Arnold3 What is EA?

Early Access



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