Replacing local file albums with Qobuz versions

I’m not quite sure which the right place to post this, possibly it should be moved to tinkering or support

I have a large local file library and I’ve decided to do away with it and use Qobuz where a replacement exists. A lot of the albums I’m happy to just delete from my collection as I know where to find them if I want to listen to them again, but I have about 150 albums for which I’d like to add the Qobuz versions now.

Doing this manually is slow and arduous, I’m wondering if Roon support or any keen Roon users know of a way of automating it? I’m not adverse to using APIs and scripting if there’s any way in… I can’t think of one though.

IMHO, it’s better to do the opposite. The music you stream is licensed by Qobuz. When the license expires, the albums will disappear if a new contract can not be negotiated. With local music, that doesn’t happed. Plus, if Qobuz goes down, or your internet, you lose those streamable albums during the duration of the outage. If my internet goes down, I still have a very large local library I can listen to. But, it’s YOUR music, and hopefully you know what’s best for you. Maybe there are reasons to do it your way that I am not aware of. If you do it your way, I hope all your expectations are met, and you have thousands upon thousands of great listening sessions.


I decided to add a Qobuz version of every album I just had an LP of, and while it took a while to do manually (an afternoon), it wasn’t too bad. With 150, tracking down and running a script may take the same amount of time as just entering them manually.

As for deleting your local files, I would also reconsider that. In Roon, you can make the Qobuz version default and leave your local file in the database. If the Qobuz version becomes unavailable, your local file will automatically be set as default. No reason to remove that backup, IMHO.

Couldn’t you just remove the local library?

Go to album view, use focus to filter to show only your local albums, ctrl-a to select all, … dot dot dot menu, export to Excel. Upload this to ‘converting’ to Qobuz. This will add them all to your Qobuz account, sync Roon with Qobuz.


Thanks! I’ll give this a try

@Neil_Russell @Kristofa Thanks for your concern… I’m not planning to delete the files permanently, I have them backed up or on CD. I’ve just run out of disk space on my Roon server and don’t want to add another disk.