Replay a shuffled list

I started playing a song last week (I think I pressed on “start radio”) which played a whole shuffled list of my own albums (pop-rock). it was great, but I don’t know how I can re-start the same function again. I did not select any albums or genre, I just pressed on one button and it played for 5 hours great sons (all out of my library) - I can see the whole list in my history, but how do I start it again? thnx

Does this help?

thanks, @BlackJack - I was playing around and looking at the logs, it was definitely room radio playing (I was it was saying “starting swim based on…”), however, it was just my own library, I found out that you could set up the option of “limit roon to own library” - on the web version, so now it is playing what I was looking for now, however, I cannot recall seeing or setting this option last week, and I know I was controlling from the app, and I don’t see that option there- so I was wondering what was it, any ideas?

If you go to the queue screen and look in the lower right corner you’ll see three dots. Click that and you’ll see the Limit to Library toggle.

@grossmsj ,I have seen this, thnx, however, I defiantly have not started it while playing last week (as I didn’t even know about it). and I also dont know when started roon radio, it picked up 6 genres and i cannot reproduce it
I wonder if its possible to see this in the logs.

@support hi - any chance you could help me here, - last week, I pressed on room radio while playing a track, room played for 5 hours many tracks that were only in my library, I loved that playlist and would like to reproduce that. is there a way to check the log and see what I did to trigger that playlist? thnx - I have all the logs and I have the playlist timestamp. I just cannot find what triggered that list.

Not exactly reproducing it, but before it’s too far gone, you can preserve that precise playlist either by
In history, select all the required tracks (could take a while) and add to playlist
In your queue, scroll up to where the play started, select the first, then select from here, and save to playlist.

@BrianW thnx, I figured that myself. however, I would like to be able to trigger such a list just the way I did. that playlist was done by Roon and I don’t want to have the same list all over again. So I am looking for a way to track down what triggered that list.