Report Roon Streaming Preferences Issues here

As of today’s release Roon allows you to set preferences for streaming service, explicit content, and MQA handling.

We’ve heard your requests for more control in this area, and it’s become clear that a one-size-fits-all solution isn’t sufficient. So, we’re proud today to roll out a set of preferences that allow you to choose what kind of content Roon favors.

PLEASE NOTE: These changes were implemented to satisfy your feature requests. We aren’t making any qualitative statements about the content these settings effect. Please read the feature description below carefully to understand how these preferences behave, it’s also available in our Help Center. If you feel that the controls aren’t working as described, please let us know.

Also, let’s keep this positive. We’d like to emphasize that we aren’t interested in editorial commentary on one service vs. the other, or your thoughts about MQA as a format. Any posts of that kind will be removed immediately. We appreciate your cooperation. Thanks!


Folks if you’re not seeing the new options, please be sure to:

  • Restart your Core
  • Confirm that you’re running Build 987 on both Core and Remotes
  • Confirm that you’re logged into at least 1 streaming service.

If you’re still having an issue seeing this functionality, let us know here.


If playing Roon Radio, will my library version be selected over a streaming service?

Same question, if playing a Roon playlist?

Same question, if playing a Tidal or Qobuz playlist

Hi @Norman_Spector,

Content in your library isn’t impacted by streaming content preferences.

Roon playlists, or your playlists in Roon?

Streaming content preferences won’t override playlist content that originates from our streaming partners and has been added to your library. Again, library content isn’t impacted by streaming content preferences.

So Qobuz playlists stream from Qobuz – and the quality of the recording is set by them?

Yes obviously.

How about Roon playlists on the Home page? eg, Stacy’s Picks, Zone in etc. Are they based on our own libraries?

How can they be based on your own library?
Do you have all the new releases in your library?

That answers my question, thanks. [I’ve never listened to any of them!]

Things seem to be working great, and as one of the folks who was asking for / agitating for this, consolidating requests, asking for upvotes, many many thanks.

I still would like to enable the library use cases “prefer higher-res streaming content over local when available (according to streaming preferences)” or “prefer local over streaming content in all cases” for items in the library, but to me these are less important use cases than the ones you’ve already enabled.


Hi Mike: I’ve never listened to any Roon playlists [eg Stacy’s picks] but would like to know whether these playlists play tracks from both Tidal and Qobuz or from our libraries or from all three and do they skip tracks that aren’t available to a roon user?

The Roon playlists, such as Stacy’s picks will play your preferred streaming version unless it doesn’t exist on that primary then it will fall back to secondary.
Just tested it to see.


Roon’s provided Playlists, either Stacy’s Picks or the daily mixes, do not use local content. If you turn off (Disable) your streaming services, you will notice those sections on the homepage disappear.


If Qobuz is priorized for streaming content, does Roon choose the highest resolution version of the track available in Qobuz?

It should.

I applaud your commitment and I second this feature request.

Is there a thread to vote for it?

I have updated Roon but not seeing this either, yet.
Really looking forward to this feature.

I can’t see those settings neither.
Core & Remote are on build 987.


That applies to remotes on Windows & Android (that I have also just upgraded)

Just updated to new Roon 987. Where is this new Streaming Preferences? It’s not in my General settings like it’s supposed to be.

The main categories under my General Settings are:

  • Browsing preferences
  • Album page preferencds
  • Broswer sort preferences

That’s it