Report Roon Streaming Preferences Issues here

The Roon playlists, such as Stacy’s picks will play your preferred streaming version unless it doesn’t exist on that primary then it will fall back to secondary.
Just tested it to see.


Roon’s provided Playlists, either Stacy’s Picks or the daily mixes, do not use local content. If you turn off (Disable) your streaming services, you will notice those sections on the homepage disappear.


If Qobuz is priorized for streaming content, does Roon choose the highest resolution version of the track available in Qobuz?

It should.

I applaud your commitment and I second this feature request.

Is there a thread to vote for it?

I have updated Roon but not seeing this either, yet.
Really looking forward to this feature.

I can’t see those settings neither.
Core & Remote are on build 987.


That applies to remotes on Windows & Android (that I have also just upgraded)

Just updated to new Roon 987. Where is this new Streaming Preferences? It’s not in my General settings like it’s supposed to be.

The main categories under my General Settings are:

  • Browsing preferences
  • Album page preferencds
  • Broswer sort preferences

That’s it


Just installed 987 on my Win10 64 bit core. Steaming Preferences are not showing up under General tab!

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same here, core and remote are on 987, no setting visible.

Same here 987 and updated remotes. No Streaming Preferences under Settings>General.

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I, too, have updated both my Mac Studio remote, and my core (ROCK) to 987, and do not see the new option in Settings.

Core and all clients running 987 and I don’t see any “Streaming Preferences” settings under any Settings tab. The new MQA did show up under the Advanced Settings for each of my connected devices.

No new Settings in my Linux Core and Remote-Devices with Update Build 987 (German or English)

New Setting ok on my Windows Core with fresh Installation

New Start of Manjaro Linux all ok!

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The same here


+1 No additional settings appearing.

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Give the back-end system a little bit of time to update itself as we just deployed the new version. You may need to restart your core and remotes to take the new setting definition.


There are absolutely no new streaming preference changes visible in either windows core 987 or android remote 987.

When in doubt… reboot!
Twice it seems in this case…