Reporting bad/missing photos

Is there a thread to report weirdly cropped, blurry, ugly, missing or otherwise just bad artist photos that show on the now playing display? And can/will roon fix them or do I have to go find my own? I’ve done a bunch already. It’s tedious.

So I guess the answer is no, and no. Second question from me so far, not answered. Other people’s questions have gone unanswered, too. So I guess the photo issues are “solved” and we are now on to AI and Valencia or whatever.


Hi @SKBubba,

We are always working to improve things like this, and specific feedback from the Community is always appreciated! Feel free to share any examples here and I’d be happy to pass them along to the team.

Thanks. Off the top of my head, Chicago, Led Zeppelin and the Allman Bros. I’ll start keeping a list.

Thanks, @SKBubba! If you’d share screenshots of what you’re seeing as well that would definitely help!

Here are a few not-obscure examples and a couple of screenshots:

Led Zeppelin
Allman Bros.
The Doors
Bachman Turner Overdrive
Fleetwood Mac
Leon Russell
J. Geils Band
James Brown
Otis Redding
Jefferson Airplane
Glen Frey

These images come from I see that every time Roon picks the first image from the “Background” section of the artist as image for the artist page.

See the example for Led Zeppelin that you noticed:

You can change them on the artist editor of Roon adding a photo from your files or you can add the image you like to and Roon will update the page with it.

Yes, I replaced many. It’s tedious, though. Was hoping roon would clean them up somehow. I thought they said they were working on it a year ago.