Request: Ability to change/choose/replace iOS icon and Widgets

Hey there!

So this is kind of a feature request for two things:

  1. would it be possible for Roon to implement an ability to choose Roon icon for a dashboard in iOS – for instance Tidal app gives an ability to choose one of two and current iOS API allows developer to give an ability for users to choose preinstalled option. While I do love 1.8 interface I miss dearly old-fashioned Roon logo and the problem is also that new icon quite plain and it really fades among other app comparing to the ‘old times’ tM. Would it be possible for Roon to give users ability to choose the icon? In MacOS it’s quite simple to replace it manually, while iOS quite limited in this matter.

  2. I believe many Rooners use iPads as a remote or such on modern version of iOS, which gives users ability to use widgets. Are Roon looking into ability to give users a widget with a small ‘remote control’ ability to see the current track, maybe skip it or pause? I believe that would be a great feature.

Thank you very much for consideration!

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