Request for features

Hi Roon Team
An ardent request for a few features. Appreciate it if you would consider these for the next release
In the Queue, navigation is a nightmare! I tend to have a long queue and there is no way to search the Queue. How about allowing search within the Queue without having to create a Playlist for that Queue and then searching the Playlist?
Also, there is “Jump to Now Playing” button, but how about please adding a feature to go to the Very top or Very bottom of the Queue With one touch?
In the play bar at the bottom, Please add a Time Remaining display for the song being played - not a biggie but would be nice to have
If others also miss these features, please feel free to chime in


Moved to feature requests.

This is a very simple feature present in many other players. A click on the total track time (right of the play bar) could toggle between total time and remaining time. Remaining time is indicated by a - prefix.

Iphone volume controls from hard buttons on the phone.

+1 for Search within the Queue