Request- more info on Roon Playlists

I like human curated playlists so i am trying these out!

  • should we expect that these specific lists stay for a couple months and go away? Some seem seasonal in theme, others seem more lasting. To follow, if we like a list should we save a private version?

  • for a given list, is it fixed or would we check back in a week or two and expect revisions? I think fixed.

Thanks! :pray:


Enjoying the playlists too…very much. Grateful for info requested above to help with managing expectations.

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Big fan of the ROON curated playlist myself. Today I noticed a behavior I hadn’t realized before (or maybe it’s new?). When you have a track that’s on the list in your own library, the playlist prefers that track over streaming services. Just great! This is how it should work. Love it.

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I would love more insight, discussion, people’s feedback on these lists… Now there are way too many to try them all !! (Good problem to have!)

Hi, where are those playlists by roon to find? i’m searching and searching…???

Room > sidebar > Home, then scroll down. There should be a section on the Home page for Roon playlists, but only if you subscribe to a streaming service and have added it to Roon

i was wondering why i could not find roon playlists…now I know…i do not subscribe to any streaming services.