Request playlist creator: Music Magic Mixer musicIP Mixer Spicefly mixer

There was a playlist generator which to the best of my knowledge “listened to”:30 seconds of each song in a library and created a sonic “fingerprint:”. It took forever (weeks with older computing power ot the era) to analyse the music. Once it finger printed a song you could use that song along with other songs as “seed songs” in any quantity and mixture to create playlists based on those (or that) song(s). You could also set levers to show the amount of variety you wish in your mix. Tempo, etc. within genre, etc. 1 to 10 on a sliding scales. It would then go out and find songs within your personal library that fit the individual mix and parameters you’ve chosen. Very flexible. very smart software. It was ahead of it’s time. It didn’t work well due to the limited computing power of the computers of that era (circa 2004 and onward).

I miss this no longer supported playlist generator and wish someone with more technical expertise than mine could resurrect it and incorporate it into Roon. This playlist creator went under several and more of the above names:
Music IP Mixer, Predixis Music Mixer, (sugarcube?) I believe it may have been open source(?). Last I knew it was being ‘currated’ at.
see website:

This software was popularly used and integrated with the logitech squeezebox / slimserver (now discontinued and not supported) as a plug in.

Please: I hope someone could resurrect this software or create a modern version of it with all of it’s unique options and features.


It also used to be a plug-in for very early versions of iTunes. I downloaded and installed software from the Spicefly site several years ago and used it for a while. Abandoned it because my music is all in iTunes and MusicIP Mixer wanted FLAC. I still miss it dearly when creating playlists (whether iTunes or Roon).
No idea what the software was written in or if source is still out there but I suspect it would not be trivial exercise to add this functionality to Roon, more’s the pity.

People don’t know what they are missing. There is an article that gives the latest info for Music Magic Mixer at MusicIP Mixer: Playlist Generator Extraordinaire – Old Man Metal's Musings.

Suggested six years ago and many times since in various threads.