Request to add Internet Radio station Seattle KNKX

The streaming URL listed for KNKX is It does not load in Roon, instead I get a message that says Transport: Failed to load media. (FYI – This URL does load in iTunes.) When I load the URL from,, I get the same message even though this link also works on TuneIn. Any suggestions?

I live in Seattle where KNKX is, and I have connected to their Jazz24 channel:

Don’t know if that’s the same, KNKX combines jazz with NPR…

Thanks. Yes, they have two feeds, Jazz24 (which, like you, is working fine in Roon) and the primary KNKX feed, which is jazz when it’s not NPR news. I can get both feeds to work on iTunes but for some reason the main KNKX feed does not work in Roon. It has got me stumped.

The web site plays, but it shows the URL, and Roon doesn’t find a station there.

I admit I don’t really understand internet radio…

I found the streaming links here:

@Radio_Curators can we add KNKX to the official list? See the post above for a list of streaming links.

Sure, it is done!


Awesome, thanks! Could you also add the Ad Free tag? It’s a public radio station.

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