Resampling strategy and DSP options

Hi guys,

I’m new to Roon (still in testing phase) and enjoying it so far. However, I do have a couple of questions regarding the behavior of roon.

First of all, it might be relevant what setup I run currently:
-Roon Core on QNAP (for eval purpose)
-Hegel H120 as amplifier (fully compatible to roon)
-Input (Audio): Qobuz streaming with rates stated below

Apparently, the Hegel seems to have an internal DAC which resamples everything to 105.47 kHz.

Now the confusion kicks in when roon applies its resampling mechanisms (everything possible turned off in DSP…afaik). It is reproducible that:

-Multiplies of 44.1 kHz are not touched by roon
-96 kHz is resampled to 88.2 kHz (along with bit depth conversion)
-192 kHz are resampled to 176.4 kHz (along with bit depth conversion)

…and everything is then resampled to 105.47 kHz by the Hegel.

My questions:

-The internal DAC apparently supports 105 kHz…why downsample from 96 kHz to 88.2 kHz in the first place? Apparently some DSP processing is still taking place but at which cost? The signal is getting resampled a couple of times…and from technical POV wouldn’t it be more efficient to …simply let it at 96 kHz when converted later to 105 kHz anyway? Custom settings only allows multiples of native PCM…for obvious DSP reasons. Any comments on this one?

-How can I actually kinda enforce 96khz playback (roon)? I don’t see any further settings/possibilities.

-Can I create room/device related DSP settings? Like One room/device uses DSP setting X and another DSP setting Y?

If I miss an already existing thread regarding one of my questions, I’d also appreciate the links :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance

Welcome Stephan!

Look here

There’s a handy search function and I’ve just entered H120 resampling and bada-bing-bada-boom, there it was right in front of me

Ha, thats a bit awkward! Originally I had a couple more questions and I found the answers already in this forum (like the part of the 105.47 kHz). By doing so, I also stumbled upon your link actually but somehow I read it back then like “it accepts only 44.1 * x over UPnP” …well, thank you, sir/madam, for pointing it out again! Appears like the roon protocol / implementation can be trusted more than I assumed initially! And since I did not linked my question to a actual Hegel depending “thing”, I used a more generic topic for this thread :confused:

Well and after going through the settings again now, I also could answer the second open question by myself. For those who are interested: yes, DSP settings are room / device specific.

Kind regards

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