Reset library after bulk deletion from Tidal

Hi, i had numerous albums approx 1K favourited in Tidal.

I have decided to reset that all and removed them using Soundiiz and now Tidal displays nothing as i’d expect.

But now I cannot get Roon to see that I have removed all the albums etc

I’ve tried cleanup library, removing tidal and re-adding, clear cache and nothing fixes it.

Roon still thinks I have lots of favourited stuff in Tidal.

Any ideas ?


Sign out of Tidal. Close Roon reopen it go to Library management, clean up and then in the first section the Tidal stuff should be in there. Clean it up. Resign back in to Tidal. Or a simple resync from the services section might do it. Tidal updates are not instant Roon syncs to Tidal at periodic intervals. So likely hasnt updated yet.

Thanks, was only on a trial with Tidal so just created a new account in the end.

Roon looks good now.