Reset Star Rating in Roon

Gear guys,

I have about 7500 CDs and never really paid attention to the “Star Rating System”.

Now i want to start to rate my library, whenever i listen to an album, i will give it a Rating. For example like the following (not definately decided how to)

3Stars for Music which is “OK” lets say nice to listen in the background or when guests in the house.
4Stars for good Music which is worth to recommend.
5Stars for very good, always to be played Music.
Extremely Outstanding goes to “Recommended” (Empfehlungen in German :slight_smile:

i have 3 Questions please (1st would be most important):

  1. Does anyone know, is there a way to reset all Star Ratings to Zero in one shot? otherwise i dont know how to start, as old and system ratings will mix up with my new Rating.

  2. Is there a way to set the focus for songs or albums according to the number of Star Rating?

  3. How do you rate or sort your library so you can find Songs and Albums according to your feeling from Music which is “OK” to “Best of Class”

Thanks for any help…

Kind regards

Hi Andreas,

  1. I don’t think you can. I tried with a subset of three albums and I didn’t see any option to change the rating.
  2. In Album View select Focus, lower left corner is Rating - select 1 to 5 stars. Also you can reverse any selection to eliminate those choices as well.
  3. I don’t listen to my music that way. I have a medium sized library of about 3,200 albums that I listen to on shuffle. As with all music there are some clunkers in there. I usually ban these and then skip to the next in the cue.

Sorry I couldn’t help more. I also wish there were more options for batch editing. I’d like to be able to reset the Play Count for songs. It’s been asked for several times with no luck so far.

As a workaround you can create tags for your rating scheme and then apply these to all or a selection of albums.

Yes i tried also, its a pitty, as this makes the Star Rating System for me (almost) useless…

Thanks works nicely

How do you “ban” it? My way is, i have a Playlist which is called “To be deleted”… I put it there and delete it lateron when i have time…

Thanks a lot, that helps already…

Thanks, also a good way, and i may go that route once i understand that “Star Rating” cannot be used as i want it…

In the now playing screen you’ll see a line drawing of a heart next to the track name. If you click it once you have selected that track as a favorite. If you click it again you have banned it and will never be played again unless you deliberately play it or un-ban it.

I am probably misunderstanding what you mean by this, but Roon does not read track and album ratings from the actual files or from other applications. When you rate an album in Roon it does not write to the track itself, so any rating you give an album will only show up in Roon. The star ratings you see when you are viewing an album are ratings from critics, not anything you applied in the past. So, are you trying to reset album ratings you have made in Roon? Or are you trying to reset album ratings embedded in the actual files?


I want to reset all Star ratings fron roon critics and what i have done in roon, so i can start applying my own rating wothout seeing prior done ratings frome me or roon…
Batchediting of id3Tags i can do via Media monkey or MP3tag or Music Bee.

Thanks, knew this already but never used it and forgot :slight_smile:

Ok, I understand now. There is no way to batch reset star ratings and you can’t change or remove the critic’s star ratings either. :angry:

You can override critics ratings with your own. Use the blue marker to the right of the stars to add your rating.

Right, but you can’t batch remove them or set them all to 0, so you can’t do what the OP wants to do which is to give new star ratings to albums without the critic’s or previous star ratings being there.

Agreed, bulk changes to the ratings isn’t possible. However, all albums can have a custom rating. A workaround is to use custom tags and apply the “zero” tag to all albums. Then as each album is rated change both star rating and custom tag. Eventually, the star ratings and tags will match and the custom tags can be removed (in bulk.)

thanks for contributing.

For me the Star rating is useless in this case… What a pitty…