Resizing program window when in full screen mode

It would seem that the only place to resize or maximize the program window, when I toggled to full screen mode, is in the primary navigation menu. It would be nice to be able to resize any window without having to return to the primary navigation menu.

Windows 7 Ultimate
Intel Core i3-2100 Sandy Bridge Dual-Core 3.1GHz
16 GB Ram
1080p Standard Monitor

Hi Tommy,
I’m not sure I follow you exactly, so forgive me if I have this wrong.

Full Screen mode (sometime referred to as Kiosk Mode in some apps.) can be toggled by pressing the F11 key or by using the icon (from the “hamburger” menu).

When in Full Screen mode Roon fills the entire screen (no boarder, no window control, no OS start bar etc.) this is a great way to run Roon on a touch screen.

When not in Full Screen, the normal options to maximise, minimise, restore are available, see right hand top corner of the window.

When not in Full Screen (or maximised), resizing of the Roon window is performed as normal by hovering on the edge on the window.

Hope this helps.