[resolved] I'm Your Fan; The Songs of Leonard Cohen (1991)

I’m Your Fan : the Songs of Leonard Cohen (1991) had two different pressing orders, the United States version had R.E.M.'s cover song first, and when importing into Roon Library it uses the European order of songs. Allmusic.com shows the European version order. Surprised that Roon Imports with the wrong song ID’s because the song lengths and flac metadata are all correct for the U.S. version.

Hey @mjt5282 – that’s an interesting case. We’d like to open a ticket in our bug tracker, but it would help to have the files.

Would you be able to upload them to Dropbox (or similar) and PM a link to @support? Just let us know if you don’t have a way to get the files to us, and we can send you instructions for uploading them directly to our server.

Thanks for the report!

files uploaded to dropbox and messaged support. thanks.

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@mjt5282 Hi Mike,

This issue was the result of a couple of things: primarily bad metadata, but also a failure on our part to catch the problem. I’ve added a check to the identification code in our metadata service to prevent this particular issue happening again; this is now live.

If you were to delete this album from your library and re-import it (having cleaned up your library using the tool at the bottom of the Settings → Setup tab), Roon should identify this album correctly using the metadata from the MusicBrainz edition of this release.

However, the MusicBrainz meta doesn’t have the track artists, so I’ve submitted a correction request to Rovi as well.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention; sorry for the inconvenience.

thanks Joel, a “Re-Identify” fixed it up. Can I call you “XVK” now ?

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Call me whatever you like. I might not respond though :wink: