[resolved] Missing MusicBrainz releases

@joel does this mean Roon will be adding the use all of the MusicBrainz database in a future update and also if the users can choose which they want as their first priority? I hope this is the case as Rovi does suck sometimes for new independent labels and for artists on Bandcamp and also inconsistencies in their naming conventions.

For example the label RidingEasy Records, Rovi only has 1 or 2 releases in their database whereas MB seems to have them all - 25-30 releases or so.

MusicBrainz has been always part of Roon’s metadata, from the beginning.

@mike Curious then why do I have a lot of unidentified albums that are in the MusicBrainz database? For example in my previous post RidingEasy Records have all their releases in the MB but only show a couple in Rovi and those are the only ones that Roon identifies.

If you have a link to a release you’re not seeing, @joel and I can take a look.

There were a lot of decisions made a few years back about which data was good enough to be included in Roon’s database, and many of those decisions are being revisited by Joel now.

It’s a good time for these sorts of questions, but I would caution against thinking of what you see in Roon as a pass through for any one data source – what you see in Roon is Roon metadata, which is sourced from any number of databases and validated by our metadata service.

@mike. My impression was wrong then, as I assumed that Rovi was the only source Roon uses, it’s been the only one I’ve seen mentioned in the past.

Here’s an example of a band that does not get identified (they have 3 albums, same label) in fact almost albums from this same label do not get identified.

The other issue is I have a bunch of MP3 albums and when I had Tidal I would use the flac version and hide my mp3 version. Now that I have cancelled my Tidal account alot of those MP3 albums that were once identified are now unidentified? Should that be correct? An example of this is the 2016 released Jim Bryson
“Somewhere We Will Find Our Place” album.

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Yup, I see the group in our database, but none of those releases.

I’ve opened a ticket @anon94274355, thanks for the report.

These missing MusicBrainz releases should now be in the metadata service.