[resolved] Roon won't recognise Beatles Albums

I have the 2009 boxed set of complete Beatles albums on CD (stereo versions). The discs come in seperate covers and the track listings are as per the originals. However, when I try to rip the CDs, Roon won’t recognise them as seperate albums, instead listing most of the albums as subsidiary discs of The Beatles (White Album). Is there a fix for this?

Hi Simon,

You can use Fix Track Grouping to create separate albums from a set of discs.

If you want to make individual albums out of a boxed set that has a number of discs, you first want to select the set, click on the 3 dots and click Edit.

From there you’ll click on Fix Track Grouping. On the left column you’ll see the individual discs for the set. You can select all the discs you DON’T want and then click Remove Discs (don’t worry it won’t delete the discs from Roon). That should leave you with the one disc for the individual album you want. Now click Re-Number the disc.

Now you should see Create Album with ## of tracks on the bottom right of the window. Click it and it will essentially remove the disc from the set and create an individual album. Roon should automatically Identify the album too.

Try one album and see how it works.

Hope that helps.

Cheers, Greg

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Thank you. This solves the issue.

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