Restart pi 4b if DacMagic 200M put on standby

Hello everybody, I’m new to this so please bear with me. Also just bought lifetime license (end of last year!), so enjoying figuring it out.
I run ROCK on a NUC11PAHi7, and a Cambridge Audio DacMagic200M.
I tried a Pi4b running Ropieee as a bridge via Usb to the CA Dac. The problem is…
If I put the Dac on standby and then restart it (e.g. overnight), it disappears from devices until I restart the pi. This is less than ideal.
Any ideas?
At the moment, I just leave the pi out and connect directly via USB to ROCK on NUC.
If that’s the solution, I guess I have a brand new pi 4b with ropieee installed for sale!

Maybe its ropieeee, try a different software.

That’s weird.

Can you send me feedback (that option is on the ‘advanced’ tab in the webinterface) after you powered up the DAC again?

And second: do you have a normal cable or some fancy-pancy USB cable?

Is your RPi4 connected by ethernet or WIFI. If WIFI, maybe something is causing it to lose connection and rebooting reestablishes the WIFI connection.

Hi, thanks.
Have sent feedback… e884b8ca8db8fc26
Changed USB cables yesterday because original one didn’t suit new location.
Put CA dacmagic on standby overnight. Just started it, and no show in Roon.
Rebooted pi and bingo! There it is. Feedback above is from after pi reboot.

No, it’s all ethernet. Both NUC and pi are on same switch. Planning to move NUC off the switch and direct to Asus rt-ax86u soon.

I’d rather have a feedback after you powered up the CA, but before the reboot.

Here you go… 4212b1480827d5a2
Dacmagic on standby, then restarted. No show in devices.

I’m assuming the following:

DAC was in standby, you powered it back on, then send me feedback.

What I see in the logs that the DAC is actually being initialised, but disconnects after a few seconds.

That is correct. Feedback 4212b1480827d5a2 was after Dacmagic restarted but without restarting pi. DacMagic200M was not visible on Roon until I restarted pi.
Any ideas why it would initialise, then disconnect?