Restore old backup

I want to restore an old backup, but the systems warns that my existing library will be overwritten.

Though if that is he case I cannot go back to my latest backup??

Please advice.

Hi, is it possible to play from an old backup WItHOUT loosing new backups?

I’m afraid if I do this that I cannot go back to my latest backup.

Please advice.

Merged the two threads as the query is essentially the same.

Yes, you are to go back to your latest backup, BUT

  1. how old is the ‘old’ backup you want to restore?
    Is it a backup that corresponds with the latest or before latest version of Roon?
    If not ( i.e. it dates from an older version of Roon), there is a strong chance your restored library will not work with the current version of Roon, because Roon database structure changes (not always but often) with each Roon release.

  2. If you can restore succesfully your old backup, make sure you chane your backup storage settings, or you risk to overwrite your current, latest backup when a newone is executed.


Thanks Dirk

This shouldn’t happen. Backups are added, not overwritten and your current backup will still be there. You won’t lose backups unless you have a limit on the number of backups in scheduled settings.

I just reinstalled my latest backup and that works.
I asked this because I wanted to show up my former playlist, because I could not find some tracks in my latest backup.
I could not find the tracks, though do you know a way to see somewhere my saved playlists, thanks.

Unfortunately, if your backups do not show the missing tracks from your playlist then that information is lost in Roon.

I follow the following procedure to find more information ( e.g. date) the following way:

In Settings - Backup - Scheduled Backups View

Click on the 3dots at the right on your backup storage folder, and select Clean/Restore

There you will find the details of your existing backup files

There you can pick the oldest backup that you trust (or where you believe your missing tracks/playlist could be found)

Hope this helps


Thank you so much, this helps.