Restored database is corrupt after change from Windows Core to Rock Core

I have been using roon core on a Windows pc for several years. I have changed PCs, backed up the database and restored the database on a new Windows PC serveral times. It has worked just fine. Now I set up rock as core, but restoring the database was completely wrong.

I do this:

  1. Database backup on windows core
  2. Disconnect windows core
  3. Log out from windows core
  4. Connnect to new rock core
  5. Set up connection to NAS (this work well)
  6. Restore database

After restoring the database, the connection to the NAS has disappeared and several invalid NAS connections are visible. None of my playlists, ratings or tags have been included. Any suggestions on what has been done wrong? Is it not possible to use windows core backup on roon core?

Thanks in advance

You haven’t followed the steps as given in the migration article, and so you’ve restored the old settings to a new setup.

The steps in the article say to restore the backup and NOT log in (connect) to the new Core before editing the NAS connection setting.