Restoring Playlist (Accidentally Overwite Playlist)

Hello, I made a local copy of Apple Music Playlist to Roon and it overwritten my previous Roon Playlist with the same name. how can I restore the older playlist??! it’s seems impossible.

Hi! Not sure, but i think a recent roon backup should be holding your old playlist. so restoreing a database backup from before you messed up that playlist should help.
I guess…
good luck

Hey Hans, thank you for the response. Unfortunately I do not have a backup yet, nor a time machine backup to my
Mac. Hope there’s another solution.

I know it’s not a solution now, but in general you should always have a current backup to be able to recover from a disaster. Too many things can go wrong

As @suedkiez said, one should always make sure to have a backup (and better make it 2 different media).

The only thing you can do now, is to look into your History, and to rebuild your playlist from there.
Assuming of course you have actually played your playlist (or parts of it)

Thank you. That’s what I’m

You should not rely on that since it might not backup Roon correctly. See this thread for background and suggestions: MacOS Time Machine Question - #16 by Johnny_Ooooops

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SIdebar: made my day being referred to.

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