Retain Artist, Album Structure and Filenames When Exporting Playlists

OK so I pretty much listen to my Roon library everywhere. I listen at Home and at Work (using ZeroTier). Wherever I have Wi-Fi I have my collection and playlists - lovely.

However in the car or perhaps somewhere where I have no Wi-Fi I have a large % of my Flac collection also on my phones SD Card.

When I export the Playlists from Roon (Windows 10 Core) to put on my phone or an SD Card for the wife it changes the File name and path of the files.

For example this:

D:\Music\a-ha\A-Ha; The Singles 1984-2004\01 A-Ha - Take On Me.flac

Becomes This:

D:\ExportedPlaylists\A-Ha\The Singles 1984-2004\1-01 Take on Me.flac

What would be lovely is that the Playlists can be exported keeping the same folder structure and Filenames.

Then all I would need to do (since Roon uses Relative Paths for the files) is copy the Playlists files onto my phone or even back into my normal Music Folder and they would work fine.

As it stands I would have to either copy the files to my Phone twice (even with a 512GB MicroSD Card this takes up a lot of data) or just replace my phone collection with the Roon Exported playlists only and ditch the rest.

I do understand why the naming convention changes but perhaps we can add this as an option while exporting?

I mean it only exports your own local files anyway.

Either that or add an option to Export any playlist you have created from your collection directly into a “Playlists” folder within your collection. I do appreciate this may not be a good option to create in case the music is scattered around in different locations.


Do you think this might be a possible option? Guess it’s a not a popular request :slight_smile: