Retain Levelling setting when grouping zones

If I am listening to a zone with Levelling on and group it with another zone, then when the zone linking is completed, then the new combined zone is created with the Levelling off. When playback auto-resumes, this can result in a significant rise in volume.

I suggest therefore that grouping behaviour is changed such that if the zone that you are adding another zone to already has levelling on, the new resulting group zone will also have levelling on withg the same settings allowing playback to continue at the current level.

Currently it is a bit annoying to have to quickly reach for volume control to turn it down (possibly having just been blasted), then go into zone setting to manually enable levelling, and then restore volume.

Often however, when I am linking a zone it is because I am nowhere near the playing zone, I might be upstairs and want to link from the living room to a zone upstairs or elsewhere with the result that the sudden drastic increase in the living room often upsets my wife - yes kind of amusing the first time… :slight_smile:

+1 - I mentioned this frustration a while back, would be great to see it addressed.

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I’m experiencing the same thing. You got my vote!

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I would really like to have this feature implemented: Roon to remember volume leveling setting for any grouped zone. Or maybe Roon to set volume leveling setting depending on the setting set on the master player (the first one in a grouped zone)

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I think this happened, or I just didn’t see it before. If I group two zones, I can set up volume leveling for the group. Works like a charm :slight_smile:

Martin we are not asking that as we know we could already do it.

The point is when you ungroup your zone with VL enabled and group it again you lose VL settings and have to set it again.

Better if there is a memory to remember VL settings for grouped zones.

Hope this helps.

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I see. I indeed experience the lack of a memory as well. My apologies for misunderstanding and thanks for explaining!

You are welcome
No worries at all

And simply take the lowest levelling settings from the zones that are grouped and apply to the group if no previous setting is cached for the group when create/re-created - for safety.

In fact in the absence of saving, I would be quite happy if it would simply take the lowest level from the zones being grouped and and apply that to the group - at least the solve the problem of being blasted by potentially damaging high levels.

I do not expect this will get votes and have anything done with it despite that the impact of the lack of it is significant for those affected as the intersection of those using levelling, and regularly grouping/ungrouping and understand what going on is probably too small.

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Keeping VL setting for the master player and apply it to the group is a very nice idea as well. I support it :+1::+1::+1:

Hi all keeping this thread alive.
Hi @mike maybe you can see this and consider implementing this simple but quite useful feature?
Many thanks.

We have some changes coming to zone grouping that I think will help here.

There are still going to be ambiguous situations if, for example, you’re grouping zones that don’t all have the same volume leveling settings. That said, once this round of changes goes live it should make volume leveling settings more sticky, so they don’t get lost every time you switch between grouped and ungrouped playback.

Look for those changes later this year and let me know what you think @skbe! And thanks for following up!

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Great to hear this!
I think I understand what you are planning to do: making VL in the device settings like the DSP so that the device will keep these VL settings even when it is grouped. Well that’s already a very nice step up and I am sure users will know how to handle it. After all there’s no huge reason to make different VL settings between devices.
Looking forward to have this implemented!!!