Retrieving files from the database “by folder”

I ripped all my cd collection (mostly classical music) using Mediamonkey for the database management and WdMyCloud Nas for the storage. So far, using media players different from Roon, I always succeded to navigate my library sorting files by folder. With Roon this possibility seems not to be available. On the contrary, using the other criteria (i.e. by artist, composer… ) I get lost, paricularly when dealing with classical music.
Do you have any suggestion? Is there any chance to use the folder criteria?
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Roon doesn’t understand folders. Roon understands tags.

There’s been extensive discussion about this over the years.

Welcome to the forum Guiseppe. The idea behind Roon is it is location agnostic and just presents the music to you, based on artists, albums, compositions or filters of your own choosing. Its not like all software for reason as the founders have their own view and vision as to what is the better solution to provide for music. It’s not for everyone but for me and may others the thought of an OS file browser makes our skin crawl. If this is what you seek then your better looking elsewhere as Roon maybe not for you as this is not a feature you will find or how Roon has been designed.

Dear CristalGipsy, I respect views and visions but I am less happy when the outcome of my navigation is a total mess. I think the reasons for not being able to provide a data retrieving by folders are more technical then philosofical and I am quite disappointed, like many others in this blog, that solving this issue is not contemplated in the programs for the near future.

Not going to happen so maybe Roon is not for you? They do have a 30day money back IIRC

Not technical issue its a Roon design philosophy. If things are a mess than it’s down to Roon not finding metadata. if you have good metadata of your own tagged in the files you can let Roon use that. By default it will try it’s own metadata services, classical however is poorly supported on music metadata services that Roon uses. If you switch over to use your own then it might work better for you. But likely your better suited to some other software. For me I just plugged in my HDD and it found the majority of my music and it’s never been easier to acces and find what I want. Good luck whichever way you choose.