Revamped Android app?

Is there a new Android app planned at some point? I don’t quite like the look & feel of the existing one (no native material design, padded left menu, padding issues, cluttered search results and the occasionnal playback not working anymore)… Has this already been discussed and is there somewhere a place where we can see incoming features (like a Trello)?

Thanks a lot


They dont seem to ever make any changes to the Android App, other than the base changes that follow the rest of their designs.

There are plenty of threads that request Android enhancements like lock screen control, volume button control of roon volume, etc. None of it has happened.

Well that’s a shame I never use anthing else than my phone. I guess I’ll hold off until they get a new app on the Playstore.

It may not matter much when you only ever use one breed of control device but keep in mind that the way roon looks now is quite consistent across various platforms. While I think that Googles MD is well done I’d prefer roons “own” style when it works the same way on all the front ends I use.

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Roon is going for the same UI design across all platforms.

I think it is also inherent in selection of the programming tools/platforms they use. See the latter part of this.

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We do have a redesign of the mobile apps planned. A lot of graphic design work has been done, but we don’t have an ETA For when it will be rolled out in a build, since it’s just one piece of a larger batch of work that we hope to release together.

We are not planning to make separate/different mobile apps with different look/feel for all of the platforms. This is not a good idea for a number of reasons. Roon will continue to use unified user interface infrastructure across the platforms.

That said, whereas today’s Phone and Desktop/Tablet interfaces are essentially two separate designs, the redesign has them all together with graceful scaling/reorganization of the layouts as the screen gets smaller, which produces a much more thoughtful/elegant result.


That’s brilliant, thansk foir the prompt feedback :). I hope that “batch of work” is called 1.5

Think they should have similar design language yet play to the strengths of the individual platforms. E.g:

  • Swipe to scroll on touch devices, rather than left/right buttons.

  • Edit button on iOS for group selection

  • Swipe from left edge on iOS to go back

  • Use tray for additional options that’s within thumb reach, no popovers (except on tablets)

Consider checking out NNGroup on usability studies around desktop vs tablets vs phone. They need different treatment.

All that said, Roons a great product and the apps get the job done. Just takes a bit of noodling to work out. Your audience is probably fairly tech savvy, so they’ll cope ok. If you were targeting younger generations or the general public, it’s a different story…

I run a mobile apps studio so a bit picky about these things :slight_smile:

Having a consistent basic look and feel as I go from Desktop to tablet to phone is one of the impressive things about Roon. I like that when I am in Roon, I am in Roon, not Android or Windows et. al. That being said, some of the other requests like lock screen transport control in Android (and maybe iOS, no Idea, I am not an Apple person) would be sweet.