Reverting to Tidal metadata

Occasionally I prefer the Tidal supplied metadata for an album. Some Tidal albums don’t get re-identified by Roon, or I’m impatient and I’ll try and identify it myself using the edit/identify facility and choose from the various options provided. Usually this works well, but sometimes it doesn’t, the new metadata isn’t an improvement, and I wish I hadn’t started the exercise.

So then I wish to revert to Tidal’s info, but there seems to be no way other than to remove the album and start again. This appears to lose any edits I may have made, tags applied and records of how many times I have played each track.

Trying the use basic file information loses all metadata .

Is there a way to get Tidal’s metadata back, if not, should there be?


Not at the moment I’m afraid; your workaround makes sense.

Quite possibly. It’s on a list of things to do, but not prioritized, so I can’t give any timescales.

Which is where I would put it. Thanks.