Review for Mozart Album mixed with Rachmaninov Album

The review for this Rachmaninov Symphony No. 2 seems to be for the Mozart Piano Concert No. 21.

I think it is referring to this album although I cannot find the review:

Looks like a metadata mashup between the two albums. Can this be fixed?

Ticky ticky… :smile:

Made me curious about the other CD. Is it on TIDAL?

I only have the Rachmaninoff album not the Mozart. I don’t have TIDAL. The mixup will be in metadata before it gets to me.

But every cloud has a silver lining. That wrong review is actually about Neville Mariner’s final recording before he died. So I was just curious if it was on TIDAL or anyone had heard it.

Yes, it is.

Sorry, I got confused when you asked about “the other”. No, the Marriner album was not in TIDAL.

If/when you crack this mystery, I’d like to know what you found.

It’s the one above. Rugby found it.

It is a strange one. I can’t really see any touch points between two.

Hey @tripleCrotchet,

We reviewed your report and confirmed that the incorrect review is not stemming from Roon, but rather from the source here:

The best option for having this corrected is to submit a correction directly to AllMusic here:

Thank you,

Thanks Dylan,

I submitted a correction. How do you get to that correction page? I never noticed it before.

Hey @tripleCrotchet,

There is a “Submit Corrections” link a little ways down the page on the left. See screenshot below:


Ok thanks. So what should be the general procedure? If it is obviously wrong on allmusic, just send a correction to them directly without bothering you guys? I do get that. :wink: