Review of Two 1's vs a Single Sonos 5

Lot’s of you are familiar with Peter’s excellent video’s. I asked him to do a review of one Five vs Two One’s (I’m on his Patreon) because that question is so often asked here and on the Sonos community forum

Really interesting. I’m using one Five in the bedroom since soundstage isn’t a concern if you are right in front of it but you notice the lack of soundstage quickly if you aren’t in front of it. I also have two HomePods in the bedroom for room filling sound.

Why Sonos doesn’t put an RCA jack in the One’s I’ll never know. They would sell a ton of them as computer speakers.

I always mention that the 3rd Gen 5 is an upgrade even if Sonos downplays it. Better detail and everything is faster and more reliable. Starting and stopping songs Airplay 2, etc.,

I added it to my YouTube queue a little earlier.
I enjoy Peter’s videos and his style of presentation


Yes he is easily the best Sonos reviewer on You Tube. Nobody does the measurements he does,