Review - Sonore Signature Rendu optical with Roon

Quote from the review,
“I can go on and on here; the point is this: the Sonore Signature Rendu SE delivers streamed music with a level of fidelity and musicality that’s unlike anything I’ve experienced yet. And I have to give a great deal of the credit to the System Optique. With my PS Audio DAC, it’s a match made in heaven, delivering greatly improved musical detail and transparency. Whether listening to a soloist, small groups, or an entire orchestra, the capture of the recorded acoustic and soundstage presented offered tremendous realism beyond any DAC/streamer combo I’ve heard. And here’s the icing: with really well recorded music, I could play the digital files, then follow with the LP, and the sound was nearly indistinguishable. More so than with any digital playback I’ve experienced. Adrian told me this was the most analog-sounding device they’d ever made, and he’s not lying. My ears tell me that the Signature Rendu SE is the finest streamer currently available, regardless of price. Very highly recommended!”

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Hi there,
How does this compare to the Audistore Premium