Reviews on Roon for recordings not of American origin

This isn’t an issue as much as a request.
The music reviews on Roon are great. I listen to many categories but mainly jazz.
The reviews appear to be American centric. The reviews on jazz that originates in Europe, or anywhere outside the USA are almost non existent. Could you please find a European source of reviews to add, particularly for Jazz. There are many great recordings emanating from Scandinavia in particular that never have reviews on Roon.

As it’s a feature request, rather than a support request, I’ve moved your post into the #roon:feature-suggestions category of the forum. Don’t forget to vote for your own request by clicking the Vote button at the top of the thread. Thanks.

That’s true. I have to check details on Lastfm or even Tidal/Spotify. I suspect reviews are from Allmusic is rather focused on USA :confused:
It’s sad tbh. The only solution I can see is allow Roon’s society to edit Allmusic information by Roon, add review, allow us to rate reviews… Just to create living world of music. I also noticed that some music is being categorized by algorithms so I can see birds songs as “electronic” or pop music as “hip-hop”.
Comparing Allmusic to Lastfm I prefer the second service - more information about European music

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