Revisiting dropbox as roon service

Are people loving the dropbox service option? I mean it’s one of the big 3 roon serves, right?

I’m guessing it mostly serves people that have a big catalog of files, but maybe there’s more to it worthy of a brief discussion here. I have a trial period with dropbox at the moment. I’m Qobuz type of roon user, but am interested in the bigger picture and the options


Dropbox is used as a destination for Roon Backups not media files.

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Right on. Interesting!

I have used DBox from the beginning. My files are stored in my dropbox folder on my Win10 PC. Technically they exist in both places (quantum flux :rofl:). They are synched to my hard drive so I pull them from my hard drive but they are also in the music folder on Dbox.

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