Revolver 2022 Super deluxe version

Enjoying at this moment. The AI produced project might split Beatles fans. I find it great but I guess it’s because I’m very SQ sensitive.

What do you think of it?

The new mix is certainly better than the original ping-pong stereo, when listening on headphones.
Glad I have a Qobuz sub though - the CD set is very expensive, particularly considering that out of five CDs, one is the mono mix (which every Beatles fan will have) and another a four track EP.
I bought all the other remixes from recent years (and clearly Giles Martin is getting better with each release) and have enjoyed them all. I’ll give the main album another listen later. Very much looking forward to hearing the two discs of extras.



Just listening now , I will have to back to the original, there are some “extras” that weren’t on [my memory] of the original.

An improvement mostly , very clean . I haven’t got to the 2-5 CDs yet :joy:


Not my favorite Beatles songs, but I like the mix.

I picked up the 2-CD and am enjoying the new mix very much. A fresh take on an old classic. The chorus on “Yellow Submarine” is pretty cool. I hope Rubber Soul is next, as that is my fave album by them.

Roon can’t identify my 2-CD set and reflagged my 2009 stereo CD as “2022 remix”. Pretty lame.

edit the album within roon… go to metadata preference and have it prefer “file” over roon for track title preference

This Tidal version is there now and is MQA.

Got to say, it’s magnificent. I’ve always loved Eleanor Rigby, but that was always in spite of the way it was recorded.

Giles Martin has just fixed it in my opinion.

He has taken it from an album I loved and appreciated, but nearly always listened to Abbey Road instead, to my favorite Beatles album.

I have lost track of how many times I’ve listened to it in the last few days. I mean, Roon will tell me if I want to look I suppose!