Rewind music time travel

Developed by a coder at Tidal, I think something like this perhaps adding in each user’s preferences as exposed in Roon would be a great addition expecially in ARC as a platform.

Screen recording

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it is only for mobile or I’m doing something wrong?

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Only mobile I think.


Music is often time travel for me. Live grateful dead in particular. I like some of the timeline attempts by Roon, but haven’t seen them or been looking that hard lately.

Figuring out how to get people to enjoy what they want out of music is not a simple problem when people want different things. Getting people to consume apps is easy. Getting them to consume the same app is not as easy with so many entrenched players.

I hope Roon continues to figure out how to surface what’s useful from what’s noisy. It’s interesting how they basically dumped that Discovery section.

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Amazing. I was on a ski lift the other day and randomly ended up sitting next to the person living in the home he lived in as a teenager.