Right click on album or title -> option to reveal in finder

Hi Roon developers,
I would love to see a feature that if you right click on an album title or on an song title no matter where in Roon you are you get the option to reveal the original position and whereabouts of that particular file on your HDD. Background is, that I have several complete bibliotheques which are all set up in the Roon preferences. It would be a real help if you could jump from the Roon listing with the information about Quality of the digital file right to where the file really is - either to move or to edit or, or…

Maybe somebody could look into this and add that feature.

Kind regards

Carsten Riese


There are 3 dots to the right of the track name click then go File Info , you will see what you ask for ?

Hi Mike,
thanks for your answer - yes you can find out where the file is located but it would be far more easy if just the file could be shown in Finder or Explorer or whatever OS you are using. It really is a convenience thing if you try to manage a large amount of files and locations.

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But Roon is not a file manager.

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Try JRiver, that is far better as a file manager, it has this feature

I think this is a good idea, and given that the actual functionality is already available as listed above, it should be a simple thing to implement. +1 from me.

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This is of course an excellent idea and a necessity when you’re working through Roon and working on your library.

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To Anthony,
that’s right and I wouldn’t want it to be.
But if you are scrolling through my library there might be “Adele - 25” popping up three times and in the overview one Album is marked as being CD, the next one as FLAC and finally one other as CD but being the Deluxe Version I ripped it from. How convenient would it be now to just klick on the cover and find out that the FLAC Version is located in the music library I inherited from a friend of mine and then decide to delete the simple CD Version but keep both FLAC and Deluxe Version.
Easy and it is quite fun doing it when you just need three klicks to have the original files right in front of you instead of changing to a different program, finding the right path, then double checking you didn’t mess up before you then copy the Album you wan’t to possibly a new location where you are trying to put together your one and only library of all libraries. If that sounds familiar in any way you see why this " right click reveal in finder" option is one feature that would really help you organizing your library without roon expecting to do things it probably shouldn’t do e.g. being a file manager.

To Mike,

kind regards